Innovative Solution to Branding Through Design

Matan Sella
Matan Sella has been a graphic designer and
branding extraordinaire since 1997.
Matan has spearheaded the creative and marketing teams
of some of the world’s most distinguished companies
where he conceptualized and executed design concepts which
have been implemented and renowned on a global scale.
Utilizing design as a means to build brands, Matan has been
at the forefront of modernization and development in the
realm of graphic and creative services.
His work encompasses a range of industries from fashion
and beauty to high-tech and fine jewelry.
In 2004 Matan designed the trademark logo for Etagon, for which he received the Award of Excellence by American Corporate Identity, one of top design annuals in the world.
Matan Sella Design was founded in 2003.

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